Final Creative Approach

Creative Approach – Paper Edit

Thanks to all your comments, this will be finally a fiction film, based on real interviews to women entrepreneurs in Mexico.

  Video Audio
TITLE: Appears on screen with a typewriter effect:

Fem-i-nine [fem-uh-nin]


1. Pertaining to a woman or girl:

2. Womanish

3. Weak

SOUND FX: Keyboard being used.
Close Shot (CS) to the word Weak, which blinks on screen:


3. Weak

SOUND FX: Keyboard being used.
Close Up (CU) of an office woman mid twenties talking straight to the camera with a white back behind. WOMAN 1: Administrator, mother of two, wife and entrepreneur.
Cut to Title:

3. Weak


By animation, the letter “k” is erased as if it was deleted from a computer’s keyboard.


3: Wea

SOUND FX: Keyboard being used.
Close Up (CU) of an elderly woman in its fifties talking to camera. WOMAN 2: I started to study high school five months ago.
Cut to Title:

3. Wea


Now we see that the letter “a” is erased.


3. We


SOUND FX: Keyboard being used.
Close Up (CU) of an indigenous teenager woman talking to camera. WOMAN 3: I have an idea that will change how people live.
Cut to Title:

3. We


Now we see that the letter “e” is erased.


3. W


SOUND FX: Keyboard being used.
Close Up (CU) of Tatiana Bilbao (Mexican architect and member of Victoria 147) dressed as a construction worker, talking to camera.


Title on low third appears:

Tatiana Bilbao, architect and member of Victoria 147.

TATIANA BILBAO: I will build a new Mexico for all.
Cut to Title:

3. W


This title is completely erased in a typewriter effect, and then the same effect writes another title:


Let’s redefine what feminine means.


SOUND FX: Keyboard being used.
Cross Fade to Title:

Victoria 147 (logo)

Take the pledge at:


Victoria 147 – Paper Edit Draft One

  Video Audio

The 23rd edition of the Real Academia Española Dictionary will maintain the word “weak” as a synonymy of “feminine”

Cross Fade to Title:

These are other synonyms of “weak” according to the same Dictionary:

Cut to Close Up from Maricela V. talking to camera.


Low Third Title:

Maricela Villareal – Owner of Cate de mi Corazon Restaurant

MV: We started this idea on April last year. It took us seven months to open it.
Cut to Title: “exhausted” .
Close Up from Elena O. talking to camera.


Low Third Title:

Elena Orestano – Founder of Dr. York a sunglasses and prescription glasses shop.

EO: I encouraged my husband to open our own business.
Cut to Title: “forceless”  
Cut to Medium Shot. Maricela V. preparing the restaurant in the early morning. MV: At the beginning we had to work a lot with very different obstacles.
Cut to Close Up from Maricela V. talking to camera. MV: We were so convinced with the idea that we always found a way to overcome the problems.
Cut to Title: “hesitant”  
Cut to Close Up from Elena O. talking to camera. EO: We put all our savings together and start planning the business to make it real.
Cut to Title: “languid”  
Cut to Two Shot of Elena giving instructions to an employee of the store. EO: I am the owner,
Cut to Medium Shot of Elena viewing some posters for the store, EO: administrator, designer,
Cut to Two Shot of Elena giving a radio interview. EO: community manager but most of all, the public relations manager for the brand.
Cut to Title: “wasted”  
Cut to Close Up from Maricela V. talking to camera. MV: I love to start new things. My aspiration is to have an idea that can truly make an impact in society.
Cut to Title: “powerless”  
Cut to Title: What do you think is should be the definition of feminine?  
Cross Fade to Title forming on screen as our interviewers speak:

Fem-i-nine [fem-uh-nin]


  1. Unstoppable, resilient, invincible.
  2. Passionate, fun, loving
  3. Collaborative
EO: Unstoppable

MV: Resilient, invincible

EO: Responsible

MV: Passionate,

EO: Fun

MV: Loving

EO: Collaborative

Cross Fade to Title:

We also think that way.

Cross Fade to Title:

Victoria 147 (logo)

Redefining what women means.

Cut to Title:

Send your definition to:


Always there to help me – Paper Edit

  Video Audio
Black and white picture of Captain Y and Z, each one with a title name.  
  CPT Z: There’s no other employer in the world that will support its employees like the Army does.
  CPT Z: It doesn’t matter where else you work, if your family gets sick.
  CPT Z: The Army is going to still pay you.


  CPT Y: It is always one family out there that you didn’t know about or somebody else out there that you could help.


  CPT Z: I’ve never seen a unit come together more than when a soldier or a soldier’s family needs help,


. CPT Y: I don’t see how you couldn’t do it, how you couldn’t exhaust every possibility to give that child and give that family a chance.
  CPT Y: It’s also a domino effect.
  CPT Y: Once one soldier receives help,

he’s willing to help another soldier.


  CPT Y: If one soldier is hurting, his friends are going to know about it.


  CPT Y: His friends are going to suffer from it. It’s going to bring down morale.
  CPT Z: I think that’s part of the Army mentality.
  CPT Z: And I think, as Commanders, it is important that we recognize those soldiers that need help.
  CPT Z: Try to break that barrier and let them know it’s okay to come forward and ask for the help that the Army can provide them.
  CPT Y: There’s also an essence of vulnerability. Soldiers need to see that you’re human also.
  CPT Y: That you’re always up to exceed the standard, hold them accountable, and at the same time, you know, ask their advice.
  CPT Z: You just talk to them man-to-man, and you learn a lot from your soldiers when you do that.
  CPT Y: I may be a Commander, but I’m a man, I’m a husband, I’m a father, and I’ve made my fair share of mistakes and had shortcomings.
  CPT Y: At the same time, somebody was always there to help me.


We end up with the Army logo and a text that says: Always there to help you.  

Minute Maid – Oooops








Close up (CS) of a young lady reaching a young man at the electrical stairs.

Young Lady: Excuse me; I think you are the father of one of my kids.


Close up (CS) of the young man saying no with the head. Suddenly he reacts like some bad memory came to his head.

Young Man: Oh… Cancun… Spring 99.


Close up (CS) of the young lady reacting confusedly to the man assumption.

Young Lady: What?


Close up (CS) of the young man question him again.

Young Man: No?


Close up (CS) of the young lady reacting.

Young Lady: No!


Close up (CS) of the young man in panic face. The image freezes and a VO starts.

VO: Oooops, someone forgot the boost!


Cut to a pack shot of Minute Maid with Omega 3, while a bong like SFX enters.

SFX: Booost!


We cut to the same first take of the young lady reaching the young man at the stairs, but now in a Close Up (CS) the man is drinking the Minute Maid Omega 3.

Young Lady: Excuse me; I think you are the father of one of my kids.


Close up (CS) of the young man reacting confidant about who the girl is: his daughter teacher. He shows a bracelet from his daughter with the words DAD.

Young Man: Oh my daughter is in your class! Sister Mary Catherin?


Young Lady: Yes!


Cut to a pack shot of Minute Maid with Omega 3, while VO starts.

VO: Minute Maid enhanced with a five nutrient boost.  


Text on the screen animated:

Put good in

Take good out

Minute Maid Logo

VO: Put good in. Get good out.

Kmart – Ship my pants

  Video Audio
Medium shot (MS) of two people in the Kmart store. We see one of them is a customer taking to a store employee holding an iPad. Customer: Ship my pants?
Close up (CS) of the customer that keep taking surprised and very fast to the employee Customer: Right here? Ship my pants? You are kidding.
Close up (CS) of the Kmart employee answering to the customer.

The customer turns back to talk to someone else.

Kmart Employee: You can ship your pants… right here!


Customer: Did you here that? I can ship my pants for free.

We discover a Medium shot (MS) of his wife, answering accordingly. Customer’s Wife: Wow! I just may ship my pants?
Medium shot (MS) of the customer and employee.

Customer responds to his wife emphatically and points his finger to Billy out of the frame.

Customer: Yeah! Ship your pants. Billy, you can ship your pants too!
Mediums shot of customer’s wife and suddenly an eight year old (Billy) enters the scene from behind the pants display. Billy: I can’t wait to ship my pants dad!
Medium shot (MS) of two old couple in the Kmart store. The old lady speaks to the camera. Old lady: I just ship my pants and it was very convenient.
Close up (CS) of the old man reassuring his wife’s statement. Old man: Very convenient!
Medium shot (MS) of a lady at the furniture section of Kmart talking secretly to the camera. Drawers Lady: I just shipped my drawers.
Medium shot (MS) of another lady at the nightclothes section of Kmart talking to the camera. Nighty Lady: I just shipped my nighty.
Wide shot of an old man lying on a bed inside Kmart and talking proudly to the camera. Bed old man: I just shipped my bed!
Wide shot of the first customer family, hugging the Kmart employee who speaks at the camera while the URL, tagline and Kmart logo appears son screen:

Millions Ship Free



Kmart Employee: If you can’t find what you’re looking at the store, we’ll find it at right now and ship it to you for free.

Victoria 147 Concept Paper


Victoria 147 has asked for a pledge video to redefine the actual meaning of feminine at the official Spanish dictionary from the Real Academia Española. The video will live on the organization social channels like Facebook, and it should invite the viewers to share it and sign into the organization mission statement.


Victoria 147 mission is to redefine the role of the modern entrepreneurial women. This is hard in a cultural context where feminism is a synonym of weakness.  Even the Real Academia Española, who edits the Spanish dictionary, has rectified the meaning of feminine as weak in its 2014 definitions review  (Martinez, 2014). Victoria 147 wants to make a pledge for this institution to redefine the meaning at its publication.


The main audience is women media editors that ideally will take this story and publish it into their editorials. We are looking for women committed and concerned about the actual situation of entrepreneurial women in Mexico. Also, this video should appeal to women willing to stand out and give its own definition of feminine through Victoria 147 pledge in order to be delivered promptly to the Real Academia Española.

Content Points

Women are not weak, as the Real Academia Española definition suggest. Women are leaders. Women are entrepreneurs. Lorena from Lorena/Saravia, had to leave school to work and finally start a fashion design firm. Tanya Moss wakes her two kids everyday at six in the morning, have breakfast with them, leaves them at school just before she keeps managing the most successful jewelry and accessories brand in Mexico.


Is a non-profit organization that helps women entrepreneurs to accelerate its business by giving them mentoring and networks within the Mexican organizations. Its strengths are the women members of its organization and the fellows that help mentoring and coaching them. Their weaknesses it’s the lack of awareness from many women about the organization. Their audience desires is self-realization and gain confidence.

Carrot Concept Paper


Carrot has asked for a tutorial video that helps people in Mexico to understand what is carpooling and how the platform works. Like the Virgin Airline Safety Video (, this piece should portray in a fun way the services that Carrot offers.


Cities are each day harder to navigate by car. The long distance between your work and your house makes it difficult and expensive to make it by car. The public transportation in Mexico is inefficient and dangerous in some cases. Carrot offers a solution for your lifestyle. Try Carrot and you will find it easier, cheaper, safier and cooler than buying a car or using public transportation.


Young hip people that live in Mexico City. They are ecologically friendly, even may have a bike, but they live far from work. They would like to live like in the hottest spots in the US or Europe, and they are willing to try new services in order to save money and the planet.  They are looking to buying or renting a car, but carpooling is new to them.

Content Points

Having your own car costs more than $700 USD per month. Renting a Carrot costs no more than $60 USD per month. Renting a car with traditional companies does not include insurance and gas, there are not many stations in the city, the rent is per day, and the process to get the car is very long. Renting with Carrot includes insurance and gas, there are more than twenty stations in the city, you can rent the car by hour and you only need one registration form.


Is a carpooling business in Mexico City. Their strength is the uniqueness. No other carpooling company is working in Mexico these days. Also they get exclusive ecological car previews like the Nissan Leaf in Mexico. Its main weakness is the lack of many stations, and that it is not common in Mexico to do carpool or renting a car.